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Lobster Boat Races and Fisherman's Day coming up!

What first comes to mind when you think of coastal Maine?  Lobsters of course!  As the most productive lobster port in the State of Maine, Stonington on Deer Isle has a history and culture that is intimately entwined with the sea, and specifically the iconic lobster.   Lobstering is serious business that involves long hours starting at 4 AM, hard work and rough working conditions all in pursuit of that sweet tasting crustacean.  But every year the hard work is put aside for a day when the Lobster Boat Races come to town.  The races take place up and down the Maine coast from June - August, and on July 15th Stonington lobster men and women will be competing to find out who is fastest.

This "Kentucky Derby" of Maine involves a day of fun on the water with many different classes of races and boats.  To learn more about the races take a look at Maine Coastal News.

Just a week later on July 22nd is Fisherman's Day in Stonington sponsored by the Island Fisherman's Wives Assocation.  It's a fun filled day on the pier featuring food, crafts, vendors, a codfish relay, and wacky rowboat races.  The purpose of the event is to celebrate fishing and fishing families; educate the public about commercial fishing; to raise money for safety training for fisherman, scholarships for kids, and to just have fun! View Fisherman's Day in action from the 20th anniversary of this event.

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