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Final Week of the Season

The season is coming to a close -- but you wouldn't know it from the weather!  This Columbus Day Weekend temperatures are expected to hit 80 degrees on Deer Isle - absolutely perfect.  We have one week left of our season at Pilgrim's Inn, with Saturday, October 15th being our final night.  Our restaurant will be open until Friday, October 14th to the public, but inn guests can still enjoy dinner at the inn on Saturday.

Some highlights for next weekend include the Opera House production of "P.S I love Music" on Saturday, Oct. 15 at 7pm.  Grammy Award-winning pianist and composer Sullivan, who has played with the Paul Winter Consort and many others, taps his network of fascinating new musicians and composers to give us an evening of music and conversation like we’ve never heard before. For more information visit Opera House Arts.

Fall color overlooking the mill pond
On your way out of town on Sunday stop by the Blue Hill "Fall, Foliage & Wine Festival" on the grounds of the Mainescape Nursery in Blue Hill.  This event showcases food and wine from around the Blue Hill Peninsula.  For more information go to the Blue Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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